My Supplies

I am an Amazon Affiliate – Here are some supplies I use!

Folks often ask me what paint, tools or other supplies I am using and several friends suggested I create this Amazon Affiliate area sharing some of things. Anytime you click through to Amazon from any of the affiliate links on my page hopefully I will earn a small percent commission on the purchases you make. I always love trying new art supplies – if you found your way here perhaps that means you do to!? Thanks for the support and enjoy the list! It includes many of the paints, pencils, markers, sketchbooks, and equipment that I use. You can see me use them live on my regular livestreams on my twitch channel!






United States

The below items link directly to the items on the Amazon USA website. If you wish to purchase the items on Amazon for your country please click through the corresponding affiliate links above. I will update this with with an easy COPY/PASTE list of the items at the very bottom of this page for you to search with. Thanks Everyone!