Artist Trading Cards

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About Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

At the bottom of this page you will see a A LIST OF THE CARD THEMES I AM COLLECTING. Above is my instagram gallery full of cards I have made in the past. You can go directly to my instagram #pabkinsATC or #pabkinsACEO for the most current cards I have recently made.

Artist Trading Cards are miniature collectible works of art that are 2.5 x 3.5 inches and are standardized to fit into trading card sleeves/pockets/sheets in much the same way any traditional trading card is. Its the same size as a sports trading card. These cards can be created in any type of art medium. Wet (paint, watercolor, acrylic, oil, markers, pen etc) or Dry (graphite, chalk, pencils, colored pencils) even collage.

They should be created on a sturdy stock and not flimsy. Typically artists include their information on the back of the card such as name, Title, social media contact info and if the card is a numbered part of a series.

What is the Difference between an ATC and an ACEO?

An ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” and are SOLD not traded. They are the exact same size but they might be the original or they might be a print. That is determined at the time of purchase. That is the only difference between ATC and ACEO.

When Trading ATC

  • Always ensure your cards are 2.5×3.5 inches (horizontal or vertical format either is fine)
  • Clean cut straight edges, sturdy not flimsy
  • Sleeve and protect your cards when shipping them (such as these “penny sleeves”)
  • Some artists send them in harder card sleeves
  • Don’t forget to include your artist info on the back!

Where to Trade ATC!?

  • Interested in making and trading? Here are some resources!

Cards for Sale (ACEOs)

  • Instagram – I post almost daily cards to my Instagram gallery. Message me there to buy directly.
  • Etsy Store – Cards that do not sell on Instagram are eventually placed in my Etsy store.


Do you see a artist trading card on my instagram that is no longer available? You can request an ACEO Print HERE. The chibi card series is also avaialable as 5×7 prints.

Custom Card Commissions

Email me with your request. Please limit your request to a theme, like animals, foods, characters, ideas. Examples of cards I’ve done in the past can be seen in the gallery below. SEE THE MOST RECENT AND UP TO DATE CARDS I’VE MADE on Instragram #PabkinsACEO (click here to view)

Terms and Conditions of ACEO Commissions

1) ART MEDIUM: I decide the art medium to use. But you can tell me what you’d prefer and I’ll keep that in mind. My preferred mediums: watercolor & Ink, copic marker, colored pencils

2) SHIPPING: Between 1 – 4 weeks to complete and ship. (I have a full time day job and family. I appreciate your understanding about the completion time as I fit these cards in between my larger projects for art exhibitions, conventions and challenges.)

3) INSPIRED BY: The card is inspired by your request and open to my interpretation.

For commissions I can supply a sketch before I start however I prefer to just drawn and then immediately paint/color. If you don’t like the card then usually I’ll be fine with remaking one but will not do that more then once. If you’re commissioning an ACEO from me I assume that means you like my art and know that dictating exact criteria to an artist can be difficult.

You can follow my Instagram Account FOR original art cards that are for sale.



The ones bolded I’m especially interested in right now

– Original handdrawn then hand cut papercut cards
– Art Nouveau mixed with fantasy, sci-fi or steampunk
– Fantasy or Sci-Fi Travelers/Adventurers
– Large colossal creatures with cities, towns, castles, civilizations or homes on their back. Or forest on their back
– collector characters, hoarder characters (I especially love backpacking travelers or collectors with the junk hanging all over or pulling a wagon full of stuff)
– storybook style fantasy scenes
– Curiosity Cabinets (themed, critters, ghibli, mushroom creatures, fantasy, robots, sci-fi etc)
Mushroom folk, people or creatures (not mario red please)
– Ships or transportation of any fantasy/sci-fi kind, and gypsy wagons!
– coffee & tea characters, dragons drinking tea, characters inside drinks, or dessert themed characters
– fantasy creatures of any kind – Currently collecting any Pegasus, Gryphon, Kirin, Dark deadly Unicorns, Centaurs, Sphinx, or any type of 4-legged winged creatures
– (favs: Dragon, Unicorn, phoenix, griffin, jackalope, horns, antlers, kitsune, yokai, winged, fennec fox, big eared creatures, mice, etc)
– Dragons and or any character/creatures and their unusual hoards
– Fancy clothed creatures
– little worlds inside bell jars, bottles, specimen jars or any containers
– chibi style characters
– wall of faces (creatures/characters, monsters/goblins, whatever)
– Movies: The Dark Crystal, The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, Legend, Willow, Strange Magic (the dark forest creatures), The Neverending Story
– GOBLINS, Golems, IMPS and TROLLS – (one of my favorite things to collect is goblins and imps, heck you could even create your own!) Some examples of cool ones I love – Strange Magic, Spiderwick Chronicles, Toni DiTerlizzi, Brian Froud anything
– Any full body animals in clothing, I love if they are an RPG class (warrior, rogue, mage, druid, monk, healer, etc), I especially love Mouseguard (the graphic novel inspired)
– Mushroom Empress in Art Nouveau style – please not mario red mushrooms
– World of Warcraft or Wildstar, Overwatch, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, pretty much any cool Fantasy or Sci-fi Video Games! Not cheesey ones, NOT pokemon!
– Sci-Fi, robots, adventurers, robots with jobs
– Fantasy characters kissing, about to kiss, basically a “romance card” no blatant nudity please
– Floating islands, Castles, Victorian houses, whimsical houses, Castles or cool houses on cliffsides, steampunk floating island
– Fantasy of Sci-Fi characters riding mounts (any kind of mount beast or mechanical, real or fantasy)
– Gashlycrumb Tinies Alphabet children WITH the line from the book on the card. Or create your own child name and line for the book
– Tarot Cards
– A Castle in the Sky, Or Castle on a Cliff
– an abandoned robot, first aid robot, broken robot
– candyland, candyscape, dessert characters
– bounty hunter duo
– bad ass girls with guns
– mage’s library, characters reading books
– fantasy field guide creatures

  • Extra elements I like: – sakura, bonzai, willows, fireflies,wisps, small creatures, mushrooms, sprites, dandelions, bottles, kodama, little worlds, belljars, kimono, beautiful or creepy cute, ethereal.
  • I DO NOT COLLECT: gore, blatant nudity (modest nudity ok) or stamped, collaged, copied, traced, embellished cards. Original art only. Hand drawn and hand colored/painted only.