ATCitupwithfriends: February 2020 – Aesthetic Blood

#ATCitupwithFriends is an ILLUSTRATION, Fantasy & Science Fiction focused Art Challenge – Trade Group hosted by Pabkins


How to Request to Participate:  You must read this Guidelines page! 

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February’s THEME:

Aesthetic Blood

MAIL TO Host by:   Extended to mail by March 15th (I normally ask you try to always mail by the first few days of the new month unless there is an extension.)

Does February have you seeing red!? But you wish you could paint it all red…red with BLOOD! Ok so maybe only like a LITTLE bit of blood ok? This month’s theme might just be for you. Because what we are going for is tasteful artful soulful blood! AESTHETIC BLOOD! How would you interpret that prompt? Well of course SOME sort of blood is a must and so is at least one character! Your card does not have to be romantic, but hey if you want to go all bloody valentine on us by all means go ahead. As long as you have some blood and a character it fits the bill. But remember Aesthetic blood is NOT gorey disemboweled intestines hanging all over the place, you might sick up if you saw it on the TV, cause this isn’t an horror prompt. But I guess we shall see what you come up with. I admit I’m bleeding curiosity. So let’s paint it red folks!!

It was actually REALLY challenging to make a pinterest board for this…


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