ATCitupwithfriends: January 2021 – Ancient Egypt

#ATCitupwithFriends is an ILLUSTRATION, Fantasy & Science Fiction focused Art Challenge – Trade Group hosted by Pabkins


How to Request to Participate:  You must read this Guidelines page! 

See Pabkins create some art & open ATCitUp envelopes each week on Mondays @ 10:30AM PST on my TWITCH CHANNEL!

January’s THEME:

Ancient Egypt

MAIL TO Host by:  Swap now closed – check the discord server for swapping status.

Requirements: As always our normal standards apply of original 2.5 x 3.5 inch original hand drawn/colored/painted cards in your best efforts.  Read this Guidelines page!  and follow them or risk your cards not being swapped my lovelies!

THEME REQUIREMENTS: This month EVERY card have an Ancient Egyptian theme and must include any kind of character it doesn’t matter what type. 

The Ancient Egyptian theme means anything from the culture, history, country, dress, folklore, dieties etc that brings to mind Ancient Egypt. I thought this would be a fun theme to kick the year off with because we’ve never had an Egyptian theme. Have fun with it. You can give it a fantasy twist or not that is totally up to you as long as you include in the card a character of some kind.

Curious as to what counts as a character? Yes, a sphinx would count as a character as it has a face/body. A snake? Technically yes that would count also though I hope you would be more adventurous then doing just a snake or just a scarab. Be sure not to just draw a figure in empty space without context because what if you drew a snake in a basket? That really doesn’t evoke the theme of “Ancient Egypt” so really try to utilize the theme. Also yes your character can be super tiny like if you wanted to do a landscape scene with a pyramid and have your character be a tiny little silhouette against the dessert sands that is fine too of course. I’m not going to be strict about it just hoping you have fun and get creative with this cool theme!

Possible ideas for you in case you’re stuck:
Grave robbers / Pharaoh / Look up ancient Egyptian clothes
Egyptian Deities / famous landmarks
Hieroglyphs / Dig sites / texts / symbolism
Egyptian market / Ceremonies / statues / weapons
Dancers / Priests / Makeup / head dresses
If ever in doubt just shoot me an email to ask a question. Send signups and any questions to 


These monthly themes are intended as a CHALLENGE as well as a way to trade fabulous original art and bond our little art community. Please rise to the challenge and treat your fellow artists with respect by putting in your best efforts. If you are unwilling to put forth true effort then please do not apply to join!