#ATCitupwithfriends: Robots – Due March 31st, 2018

#ATCitupWithFriends ATC Monthly Trade Events hosted by Pabkins.


DUE To Host by:  March 31st, 2018 (due in my hands by this date!)

TO SIGN UP: You must READ THIS BLOG POST!   then fill out the questionnaire form at the bottom of this page (only fill it out once ever) AND send me an email with “ROBOTS” and your INSTAGRAM ID in the subject line! – I know it’s long but PLEASE READ IT, the reason it’s so long is because I want everyone to know how its run and what the standards are. I’m actually really easy going, so don’t let all this FAQ scare you!

March THEME:


Do you love science fiction? I do – but even if you don’t you absolutely DON’T want to miss this month! What could be more fun AND challenging then robots?! This is one of those themes that is going to break so many of you outside your comfort zone into shapes and forms that you haven’t done before. Be adventurous and draw some wicked cool robots! They come in all shapes and sizes, don’t restrict yourself to just square robots, some are round, triangular – the skies the limit! 

Further ideas to get you going – think about what type of job you want your robot to do? Mail bot, art bot, warrior bot, medical bot, fashion bot, sad robot, broken robot, steampunk robot, underwater robot, space bot, anime mecha, angel bot, bartender bot, robot pet – the possibilities are endless. Think of something you want to draw and simply turn it into a robot!

See my ROBOTS Pinterest Board for inspiration! 

These monthly themes are intended as a CHALLENGE as well as a way to trade fabulous original art and bond our little art community. Please rise to the challenge and treat your fellow artists with respect by putting in your best efforts. If you are unwilling to put forth true effort then please do not apply to join!