#ATCitupWithFriends: Fantasy Field Guide ATC Swap – Due February 28th, 2017

Ready for Round 3 of #ATCitupWithFriends?

If you are signed up for that month the cards must arrive to the host Pabkins (me) by the last day of the month!

THEME: Fantasy Field Guide
DUE To Host by: February 28th, 2017 (due in my hot little hands by this date!)
SIGN UP: email pabkins at gmail dot come with “Fantasy Field Guide” in the subject line and your full name and instagram ID to sign up for this swap group.

Have you ever seen or read The Spiderwick Chronicles? For hundreds of years scientists, naturalists and dreamers and those of us who dreamed as a child that we could spy fantastical fantasy creatures living in our backyards. They would have gone into the wilds before the time of cameras (and even now with cameras) and captured creatures, flora and fauna in the pages of their sketch and field books. Sketching notes and observations as they see them.

The art you draw does not have to be art from this movie or book. It only need be in the fantasy field guide style. You can use whatever creature or fantasy species of your choice from existing movies, games, literature or make up your own. (For you video gamers out there – there are so many wondrous fantasy creatures and races in those games) The skies the limit.

Examples of technique:

  • draw your critter/creature/character perhaps add some flora/fauna.
  • You can use whatever medium you choose though this is a theme very friendly to sketchy styles and ink or watercolor washes. Why not add a drop or two of splatttered ink?
  • I personally plan to tea and coffee stain my cards before drawing. Maybe you’d like to add hatchwork randomly on the edges or a decorative inked border?
  • Perhaps try your hand at pretty hand lettering to include the name of your creature and odd random notes or facts like in the style of the images you see on the board.
  • Fade your images out so you have room to add the creatures name, figure/specimen # and random facts

PINTEREST BOARD: FANTASY FIELD GUIDES – for inspiration and examples


CREATE 3 ORIGINAL Hand drawn or hand painted artist trading cards from the above theme and send them in, receive 3 cards from different artists in return.

All Artists mail their cards to Pabkins (who has over 60+ successfully completed trades) she’ll mix them, switch them, and mail each artist back out 3 different artists cards in return based on an Effort for Effort basis.

THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS SWAP model!? No one gets screwed! You only receive cards if you send cards. So if you can’t meet the deadline its fine no one gets effected.

CLEARLY write: Your name, InstagramID (if you use instagram), #ATCitupwithfriends, Date and  ON THE BACK OF EACH CARD! *crazy laughter* so everyone knows whose cards they receive.

– SIZE MATTERS! Cards absolutely must be the standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches NO LARGER! NO SMALLER! with straight cut edges or your cards will be returned unswapped.

ORIGINALS only! No prints, No Copies, no tracings, no stolen art, Referencing real life and photos is fine just don’t reference someone else’s photo or illustration to death such that it isn’t your own.

  • Hand drawn or painted cards only! Don’t make 3 practically identical cards, that does not show creativity or effort.
  • No collage, stamped, embellishments that popup from the surface and No glued together bits and bobs.

PLEASE PUT IN YOUR BEST EFFORT! I cannot stress this enough! Artist Trading cards are NOT intended as quick slap dash works – they are mini works of art! I swap based on effort for effort so aim high!

INDIVIDUALLY sleeve each card (plastic, saran wrap, a cutup document protector whatever just protect it from possible bad weather.) I advise securing your sleeved card to a note card with washi tape so in case the edges of the envelope fray then your loose card won’t slip out the edge of the envelope (it happens)


U.S. ARTISTS: include 1 Forever Postage stamp
– INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS: please donate $1 via the Paypal friends and family method to pabkins @ gmail as an international postage stamp costs $1.20. If you can’t afford postage and still want to participate in the swap please message me.

ALL ARTISTS: EMAIL Pabkins when you mail your cards so she knows to expect them.

INCLUDE: Your RETURN ADDRESS LARGELY and CLEARLY written on either an address label or a piece of paper for me to attach to the return envelope.


I WILL SUPPLY: the return envelopes, sleeves and postage overages, Random prints, stickers or extra originals into randomly selected envelopes.

All return Envelopes will be mailed back out within a week after the closing due by date.

Cards must be RECEIVED by Pabkins on or before FEBRUARY 25th, 2017. I want to mail returns on time so don’t be late or your cards might not get swapped and sent back to you instead unswapped.

SENDING EARLY IS FINE! SENDING LATE IS NOT! Cards not received by the due date WILL be sent back to the artist unswapped. Punctuality is a sign of respect to your fellow artists. If you’re really wanting to be in the trade you have over 2 months to make your cards and mail them.

– Optional: – “Host Gift Card” Do you feel like putting a smile on the crazy Pabkins face!? Then if you have time make an extra 4th card for me. Some extra cards I’ve put back into the mountain of cards to add random extras in some of the envelopes!) This is not required at all do don’t worry about it if you don’t want to or don’t have time. Hosting can be lots of work, lots of fun work in my opinion! You host, maintain the list, do reminders, provide shipping supplies, covering the cost of postage overages for those silly folks that forget to include their stamp, supplying extra random goodies, create backup cards for lost or damaged cards. Essentially ensure everything goes smoothly and hopefully provide extra goodies.

Optional: Post your WIP cards! Post your finished cards! on instagram and hashtag #ATCitupwithfriends. Why not do a sneak peek of the batch before you send it out!? Get all those other traders fired up!

– Optional: FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE so I know more about your artsy tastes when the time comes for me to swap cards

You know what ISN’T Optional though!? FUN – FUN and Loving those cards! Love what you make so we fellow traders will love what you make. The awesome card that someone gets back just might be that card you created! Don’t send in a card that you wouldn’t LOVE to have in your collection.