ATCitupwithfriends: September 2020 – Tarot Cards

#ATCitupwithFriends is an ILLUSTRATION, Fantasy & Science Fiction focused Art Challenge – Trade Group hosted by Pabkins


How to Request to Participate:  You must read this Guidelines page! 

See Pabkins create some art & open ATCitUp envelopes each week on Tuesdays @ 10:30AM PST on my TWITCH CHANNEL!

September’s THEME:

Tarot Cards

UPDATED MAIL TO Host by:   July 7th 2021 (In 2020 we are operating on a delay of mailing return envelopes back. Please still try to mail in on time to avoid getting behind but there are extensions in place and I will accept all late cards up until I start swapping that month. Currently Jan-March is being swapped. As I know many this year are having troubles with art funk and mail delays are hitting us worldwide I hope this will help.)

Requirements: As always our normal standards apply of original 2.5 x 3.5 inch original hand drawn/colored/painted cards in your best efforts.  Read this Guidelines page!  and follow them or risk your cards not being swapped my lovelies!


Every card this month must be a Tarot card from either the Major or Minor arcana. The cards MUST be in vertical format in the 2.5 x 3.5 inches AND have the card TITLE as well as a border of some kind. It can be a decorative border or simple is fine also as long as it has some kind of border on the card.  This is to give it more of the look of a card. Each card MUST be different card (Example: don’t send 4 Empress cards). I know normally tarot cards are in a taller format but we make trading cards and most of us put these in our trading card albums. So please be sure to follow these requirements or your cards will be sent back not swapped. 

Years ago when we did this theme folks focuses so heavily on the Major Arcana that not many did cards from the Minor Arcana. I am not requiring you to do a Minor Arcana cards but I encourage you to please try to include at least 1 card from the Minor Arcana. It is my hope that we can try to get a fuller deck this time around.

NEED SOME INSPIRATION? Here is a pinterest board full of different tarot cards!

Helpful info on Tarot Cards
Wiki on the MAJOR Arcana
Wiki on the MINOR Arcana

If ever in any doubt about the below theme requirements just shoot me an email or DM to ask a question.  BUT please only send signups to [email protected] – I do not accept DM signups as I keep the signup roster on my computer.