#ATCitupwithfriends: May – Water Sci-fi & Fantasy – Due May 31, 2018

#ATCitupWithFriends ATC Monthly Trade Events hosted by Pabkins.

THEME: Water Sci-Fi & Fantasy 

DUE To Host by:  May 31st, 2018 (due in my hands by this date!) SIGNUPS NOW CLOSED for this MONTH.

TO SIGN UP: You must READ THIS BLOG POST!   then fill out the questionnaire form at the bottom of this page (only fill it out the first time you join the group, all other months you want to participate you MUST email pabkins@gmail (I’m actually really easy going, so don’t let all this FAQ blog scare you away!) AFTER you signup a confirmation email will be sent to you with the mailing address. You must be 18 years of age AND have a PUBLIC instagram account that has an art focus!

May’s THEME:

Water Sci-fi & Fantasy

May in the social media art world is notorious for being #MerMay but did you know there are SO MANY OTHER fantasy and science fiction water based creatures and contraptions? Here is a fun list of examples and suggestions to get your inspiration going. I hope that folks will try to include things other then just mermaids so that we can have a wide variety of cards!

Some examples of fantasy and sci-fi type things related to any body of water: selkies, kelpies, kappa, swamp witch/hag, frog/bog monsters, water fae, water elementals, undines, kraken, grindylow, naiad, sea serpents, nessie, mermaid, hydra, murloks, naga, bukanawa, gashadokuro, gasha, mash any water or sea creature with a human, mash any animal to a sea creature, try searching any folklore for water creatures and monsters and there are lots!

Water means ANY body of water, rivers, lakes, ponds, sea and it can be above or below the water! Such as underwater cities, underwater scifi exploration vehicles, anything steampunk or robotic on or above the water, fantasy or scifi adventures ON or below the water.  Please have fun and be creative. Remember I try to swap based on effort, detail AND composition. So if you send all portrait head shots that is what you will get back.


These monthly themes are intended as a CHALLENGE as well as a way to trade fabulous original art and bond our little art community. Please rise to the challenge and treat your fellow artists with respect by putting in your best efforts. If you are unwilling to put forth true effort then please do not apply to join!