#FabricATCitup – Special Fabric ATC swap – Due June 31, 2018



THEME: Fantasy Fabric ATC 

DUE To Host by:  June 31st, 2018 (due in my hands by this date!)

TO SIGN UP: You must READ THIS BLOG POST!   then fill out the questionnaire form at the bottom of this page (only fill it out the first time you join the group, all other times you signup you can just email me pabkins @ gmail .com to signup) – I know it’s long but PLEASE READ IT, the reason it’s so long is because I want everyone to know how its run and what the standards are. I’m actually really easy going, so don’t let all this FAQ scare you!

Donations to help this art community are gladly welcome and accepted! If you do donate please be sure to put your USERID so I know who to thank!! You can see the supplies wishlist by clicking on this Amazon wishlist link. These are supplies that are used regularly each month in the packaging of everyone’s envelopes. Or you can choose to donate via paypal. Just —> Click this link and uncheck the goods and services box to paypal donate.



For this swap your card must be made out of fabric and include sewing elements. That means you can crochet, sew, handsew, machine sew, embroider etc as long as you use some fabric and thread. You can also paint on it! I recommend drawing your image and then stitching or sewing over and hey throw whatever color you want on there with another medium as long as it doesn’t shed. Please no large bulky cards or buttons. The cards must still fit comfortably inside a ATC plastic sleeve.

You should attempt to make it fantasy in theme so that way you have a direction to go in. That means don’t just stitch some lines and a heart and call it done. This is a CHALLENGE so challenge yourself and have fun. If in doubt or you have questions please message me. You know I don’t bite!

A few of our fellow artists have been waiting a year for this special fabric swap so lets all not disappoint and make some super fun cool cards to add to our collections.


PLEASE FOLLOW THE ADVISED SHIPPING TIME! – if your cards don’t arrive by the due date I DO NOT guarantee they will make it into the swap group.

  • US ARTISTS – Your envelope to me SHOULD BE MAILED AND POSTMARKED on or before the 25th of that month as Mail within the US typically takes 2-6 days
  • CANADIAN ARTISTS – Your envelop SHOULD BE MAILED AND POSTMARKED on or before the 20th of that month. Mail from Canada to US usually takes 4-10 days.
  • INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS – Your envelop SHOULD BE MAILED AND POSTMARKED on or before the 15-20th of that month as it can take anywhere from 7-20 days to reach the US depending on your country (Phillpines, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Sweden all tend to take 15-20 days to reach me so please keep in mind the later you mail the less likely your cards will make it into the swap!)

SENDING EARLY IS FINE! SENDING LATE IS NOT! It is upon my discretion to return late cards back to the artist’s unswapped. If you are a constantly late mailer I will start returning your cards unswapped. Please extend me some respect by mailing in a timely manner!



– CREATE a minimum of 2 but preferably 3 ORIGINAL FABRIC ATCs. Heck if you are so unsure about this and all you can manage is 1 then I won’t turn you away.

  • No Political or Religious cards permitted. Or I will need to return them unswapped.

– SIZE MATTERS! Cards absolutely must be the standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches NO LARGER! NO SMALLER! and fit comfortably inside a plastic trading card penny sleeve. No buttons, sequins are ok, and nothing that sheds. I recommend sewing your edges or adding “fray check” so they don’t fray and fall apart.

– All Artists mail their cards to Pabkins – I’ll swap them for 3 different artists based on Effort for Effort taking into consideration the amount of detail and composition you sent in.  

– Optional: – “Host Gift Card” for Pabkins! It’s just an extra 4th card in the same theme if you have time. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a CRAZY ATC addict. Running this group takes a lot of my time and effort so I don’t get to do as many personal trades elsewhere. So if you want to put a big smile on my ATC loving face send 4 cards instead of 3 and I’ll get to keep one – Yippeee! I literally do a happy dance when I get one!

– Optional: – DONATIONS! – extra flat goodies no bigger then 5×7 you want to donate are always welcome, 

–  All Cards must be RECEIVED by Pabkins on or before the DUE DATE! I try to give a short 5-7 day grace period if you’ve mailed out in a timely manner and notified me asap. 

–  You only receive cards if you send cards. Please share a photo of your completed cards to the #ATCitupwithfriends hashtag when you are done. That way I can see that you made them!


– CLEARLY write ON a slip of paper and put it behind your card – it doesn’t not have to be attached just slip it in the back of your plastic sleeve: 

Your name ,  InstagramID and #FabricATCitup

ORIGINALS only! – that means you can NOT use a pattern. This must be original one of a kind and created by YOU

– SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! – it helps our litle ATC trade event grow and builds a sense of community. So post your WIP cards! Post your finished cards! you can even post the cards you receive in return! on instagram and hashtag #FabricATCitup.



INCLUDE YOUR POSTAGE AND RETURN ADDRESS LABELS PLEASE!!!! self addressed stamped envelopes no bigger then 5×7 inches would be great but are not necessary – do NOT send envelopes larger then 5×7 as those require 2 stamps to mail!

– U.S. ARTISTS: include 2 Postage stamps, or however many it cost you to mail your envelope! So if your cards are heavy then 2 postage stamps (please don’t forget – many of you have been forgetting) – see above for info on typical costs for mailing cards.

– INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS: please donate $1.15 via the Paypal friends and family method by clicking this link and you MUST UNCHECK the goods and services box or they will charge me to accept your funds! as an international postage stamp costs $1.15. 

INCLUDE a LARGE and CLEARLY WRITTEN RETURN ADDRESS paper or sticky label with your cards!!!! (sticky label preferred – come on make it easy on me! but a piece of paper with your address clearly written on it is fine also and I’ll tape it to the envelope.

I SUPPLY: the return envelopes, sleeves and postage overages, Random prints, stickers, and sometimes extra originals. DONATIONS ARE WELCOME! Click this link to paypal donate! and uncheck the goods and services box!

  • I attempt to mail return Envelopes back out within 12 days after the Due date.

 – REQUIRED: FILL OUT THIS ARTIST INFO QUESTIONNAIRE (it helps me know your likes and dislikes so I can better swap cards – you only need to fill it out once ever)

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