ATCitupwithfriends: February 2019 – Space Adventure

#ATCitupWithFriends is an ILLUSTRATION, Fantasy & Science Fiction focused

Art Challenge – Trade Group

ATC Monthly Trade Events hosted by Pabkins.

THEME: Space Adventure

DUE To Host by:  EXTENSION! – Due in the Mail by March 1st if INTL , March 7th if USA/CA (normally cards are due in my hands by the end of each month)

See Pabkins open envelopes each week on Tuesdays @ 1030AM PST on my TWITCH CHANNEL!

February’s THEME:

Space Adventure!

Up Up and away! Blast off? To the far outer reaches!? Yes yes!

We’ve all daydreamed about it at one time or another – What is out there? Well now you can cook up a space adventure all your own! Alien and alien planets, space ships, bounty hunters, space gates, metropolis, dystopian, basically whatever science fiction awesomeness you can dream up! Please challenge yourself. Please do not just send a card of a galactic sky, that would not be fair and would not be swapped – remember challenge yourself! I included some fun ideas and a pinterest board to help give you a launch!

Some INSPIRATION in case you need it!

– You’re going a trillion miles an hour in your awesome space ride
– The galactic bus stop…you pull up – who’s there?
– I must have all the exotic space desserts! – or visit a space diner
– That discotek space princess sure knows how to spin it
– A space peddler trying to con you out of your hard earned cash
– You are gathering specimens on a planet two solar systems away…What are those things growing on the ….are they even trees?
– You visit the incredible galactic species protection preservation…
– You arrive in a world covered in oceans… what do you see?
– You’re feeling lucky and decide to try your luck at the space gate casino
– You found an egg on an asteroid.. what hatched from it?
– You never knew one person would ever need so many arms/eyes… Wait where is the mouth!???
– Space selfies with your new friends in front of
– I don’t even know if thats a building or flora!
– You are watching an intergalactic fashion show…
– You’re green with envy over the incredible space duds Krolak is wearing (who the heck is Krolak? …no idea
– Krolak is back and his space duds are even better then last time – you wish you had the money to look so cool

Science Fiction Pinterest Board

If ever in doubt just shoot me an email to ask a question. Send signups and any questions to 


These monthly themes are intended as a CHALLENGE as well as a way to trade fabulous original art and bond our little art community. Please rise to the challenge and treat your fellow artists with respect by putting in your best efforts. If you are unwilling to put forth true effort then please do not apply to join!